“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”

-Chinese Proverb

Jonathan Grubbs, Statement Stacker, Birmingham, Alabama

Jonathan Grubbs

Hi this is Jonathan Grubbs, founder of Statement Stacker based in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the past decade, I have started and sold two successful ISO companies. Prior to merchant services, I founded one of the fastest growing accounts receivable finance companies in the country, which was owned and operated by First American Bank. In the merchant services or bank card industry, many feel that it is devoid of integrity, and often fraught with unscrupulous people. However, Marc Beauchamp has been and continues to be a strong role model for me and many others that strive for excellence within our industry. Not only have I read his book a number of times, which by the way is considered by many as the industry bible for merchant services, but I have wholeheartedly recommended Marc’s book too many fellow collogues over the years. Within the past 8 years, I have personally experienced Marc’s commitment and passion for training professionals in the bank card industry. I’m genuinely excited about the recent launch of Marc Beauchamp’s Bank Card Boot Camp. Ranging from no experience to being a seasoned professional, Marc’s training insights have something for everyone that seeks to take their business and selling to the highest possible level. In an uncertain economy everyone is cautious about where to invest their money these days. So I encourage everyone to make an investment in themselves, and check out Marc’s Bank Card Boot Camp, because (outside of the spiritual realm) there is no greater return than an investment in one’s own business.

Terry Crane, VP Business Development, Commerciant, L.P

Terry Crane

I have been in the Payment Processing industry since 1993 including credit card processing, check processing, and wireless terminal manufacturing and sales. The number one weakness I have seen over and over again with new sales reps and non performers is the lack of knowledge and understanding of our industry. I have used your book and chapters from your book hundreds of times while teaching sales reps the art of selling with great success. When a sales rep finishes your program, whether it be live training or utilizing your book, they can feel confident that they can go into a sales call and have all the knowledge the will need to be successful. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is serious about becoming a successful representative in the Payment Processing world.

Dales Laszig, DSL Direct, LLC.

Dales Laszig

Want to know Industry Basics, Sales Techniques and Keys to Success in this business? You’ve come to the right place. Bankcard Boot Camp will do all that and more! Start here and there’s no limit to where you can go.

Breina Montalvo, Owner CoCard, Southeastern Michigan

Breina Montalvo

Survive and Thrive is a must read for anyone that is new in the business and even if you’ve been in the business for a while we use it as a training guide for new agents and what a great refresher the newsletters are thought provoking hats off to you Marc for you continued effort to improve out industry.

Matt Brown, Total Merchant Services, Basalt, CO

I have know Marc for years, as an author, trainer and general consultant to the bankcard industry. His knowledge is extensive and his training methods have been effective for many of our sales offices. Marc is a valuable resource to our company and many of our sales offices.

Matt Hoskins, President, PayProtec

Greetings fellow bankcard friends. Today I wanted to share my recommendation and support for the bankcardbootcamp website and the printed material. Hi, my name is Matt Hoskins, President of PayProTec. I wish to personally thank Marc Beauchamp for writing such an informative book about the acquiring industry. We have used it for quite some time to help our new and experienced agents build a solid foundation in bankcard. Both the online product and the book are fabulous resources designed to give agents a fighting chance to succeed in such a competitive market. We make it mandatory reading for all our PayProTec new hires. We really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into education. Keep up the good work.

Dan Beauchamp & Associates, Inc, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hi Marc, I’m Dan Beauchamp, President, Dan Beauchamp & Associates, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. I wanted to let you know that your boot camp was one of the most valuable training programs that I have ever attended. It met my professional development needs 100 percent. Your program provided practical strategies, advice, encouragement, and insight to those of us working in the trenches on a daily basis. It helped me to form new career goals and definitely enhanced my sales and marketing skills. After completing it, I am much better prepared to succeed in my profession. I have recommended your workshop to numerous new agents entering the industry and to seasoned professionals as well. As soon as anyone hears my last name they get the impression that we are related, so I let them know upfront that, even though we have the same last name, we aren’t related. Thank you for an outstanding boot camp.

Christian Murray, Director of Business Development Global eTelecom, Inc.

Christian Murray

What a pleasure it has been working with Marc over the years. His contributions to the payment industry have been substantial! He continues to give back to the MLS and selling agents in the field in such a way that others don’t. We need more of these types of contributors in our industry. His simple training formulas work! They are easy to follow and provide a great material that anyone can follow and can truly benefit the feet on the street! I support Mark and his training initiatives and hope others join him in making a difference!

Daniel Schwartz, EPI Midwest Office

Marc, Many thanks for the invaluable insight you provided in your book Survive and Thrive! Having worked in various industries, I entered into the merchant services arena with no experience or knowledge. I was surprised and disappointed to see how most ISOs promised training, only to find that the training covered only the application and paperwork flow, use of the ISO web site, and underwriting guidelines. I was able to stumble into a few deals my first couple of months, but still did not really understand what it was that I was offering. More than that, I had no idea on how I would be able to survive financially in this industry with such limited experience and practically no knowledge. I had read an article you had written in Transaction Times and checked out your website www.surviveandthrive.biz. Investing in your book was the smartest move I have made thus far. Your book helped me understand how to set myself apart from other agents, educated me about the acquiring business and most importantly taught me how to survive and thrive in the merchant services industry! Thanks again!

Shauneen Sulliva, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Shauneen Sulliva

Hi, Shauneen Sullivan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m so glad I found your book, which seems to be required reading according to the most successful agents and processors out there. I got into this business without knowing anything about payment processing. Your book brought me quickly up to speed where I was able to feel confident talking to merchants right after reading it. It saved me a wealth of time and money. I look forward to attending one of your boot camps! Thank you!

Tom Kutmus, Independent Agent, Miami Florida

Hi Tom Kutmus, Independent Agent /Merchant Services , Miami Florida. I consider Marc Beauchamp, a respectable expert and educator in Merchant Services. I had a chance to read his book. I am glad someone like you was able to create an asset and make such a valuable contribution to agents in the credit card processing industry determined and willing to succeed by getting the most out of their professional efforts. It is a great book and I recommend it to all agents and specially the new ones lacking the basic and necessary knowledge from the industry of merchant services. This book will help and support their professional efforts and enable them to move ahead of the competition and sales performance curve thus achieving great results in a higly competitive industry.

Kim Futral, TMS, Livingston, Texas

Kim Futral

Hi – I’m Kim Futral, owner of Total Merchant Services located in Livingston, Texas since 1997. I am Blessed to have been trained by the BEST in the Merchant Services Industries – Mr. Marc Beauchamp. The in-depth sales expertise and product knowledge derived from Mr. Beauchamp’s training sessions and book have allowed me to develop a very successful business. By utilizing his marketing/sales/service approach, I have learned to develop a geniune relationship with each client, thus building a HUGE referral based business. Because of Marc Beauchamp, my business is enjoyable, constantly growing & very profitable. Words cannot express my gratitude!!!

Xavier Ayala, VP, Humboldt Merchant Services

Xavier Ayala

Thank you for writing such an informative primer about the bankcard industry, I frequently reference it when helping out a new ISO’s or MLS’s that’s just getting started in the industry. It’s a must read for anyone wanting a competitive edge in the market place and a fantastic refresher for seasoned sales professionals. We really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into the industry, keep up the good work!

Adam Palmintari, Northern Leasing Systems

I have had the opportunity to work with Marc many times in many different states of which he was delivering training for both bankcard and leasing. I have found those trainings to be very informative and more importantly educational. I would recommend BootCamp to both new and existing sales reps based on Marc’s vast knowledge of both soliciting new merchants and as well the reprograms of the world.

The quickest, easiest, most complete training including…

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