“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”

-Chinese Proverb

Affiliate Partners

Performance Training System’s Bankcardbootcamp.com pays a $105.00 per referral of (15% commission) for each direct referral that comes from your affiliate link. We also pay a level two commission of $35.00 or (5%) for any referral coming from your referrals affiliate partners.

Who should consider being an affiliate?

  • ISO’s or Agent offices that want to refer agents for training
  • Third Party Product companies that refers people to training
  • Consultants that work within the bankcard industry or banking
  • Recruiters that work within the business
  • Anyone that deals with potential new bankcard agents
  • Industry Associations that will be referring agents to training
  • Industry Publications or newsletters

We accurately track referring sites through a cookie on the user’s browser. This recording of affiliate site when downloading allows us to credit you for sales when visitors return to purchase.

We issue commission checks or pay pal payment the following month for commissions earned during the previous month. You will be issued a check when your account reaches a minimum of $50.00(US) in commissions. Any cancellations will be deducted from the affiliates next check.

The Affiliate area also contains various resources used to promote the Bankcard Boot Camp. The Affiliate’s area provides you with graphics, banners, text ads, links, and other items you may use to promote the Bankcard Boot Camp.

To join Performance Training Systems Bankcard Boot Camp Affiliate Program and start earning commissions, please click the link below. Once we receive your submission, we will verify your site for suitability, set up your account, and email you with your account information, which allows you access to the Affiliate’s area.

NOTE: Performance Training Systems has a zero-tolerance policy towards spam, or any method, which causes us complaints.

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